1. Spend some time making shapes in the clouds. What type of clouds are best for this?
  2. Know what meteorology is. What is the difference between weather and climate?
  3. Make a simple weathervane and a rain gauge, and know how to use them.
  4. Know the difference between sleet, hail and freezing rain.
  5. Know when severe storms are most likely.
  6. Know the 30/30 rule for thunderstorms.
  7. Know at least 4 signs that you should seek shelter. 
  8. Know where to seek shelter during a thunderstorm at camp. 
  9. Know why you can't have thunder without lightning, or lightning without thunder. 
  10. Know how to take shelter during a tornado. Know how to get in the tornado safety position.

Learn about weather, and what to do when storms threaten.

~ Bead: Red aventurine ~