Outdoor Skills

  1. Fire(Red bamboo coral): Learn to make the right fire safely.
  2. Knots(Howlite): Learn what knot to knot, and what knot not to knot.
  3. Knives(Red Italian onyx): Learn to use pocketknives, saws and hatchets safely.
  4. Navigation(pink lepidolite): Learn to tell where you are going, and how you are going to get there.
  5. Crafts(Leopardskin jasper): Nothing feels better than making it yourself.
  6. Tools(Red malachite): Learn the use of tools and how to do-it-yourself.
  7. Pioneering(Black spotted feldspar): Learn the safe use of rope, and building the way our ancestors did it.
  8. Fishing(Green line jasper): Grab your pole and head to the water.