1. ‚Äč‚ÄčObservation: Learn to observe nature safely, and tools you can use to help you.
  2. Tracking: Learn to track and identify wild animals. What's your sign?
  3. Birds: Learn about our fabulous feathered friends.
  4. Wildlife: Learn about your local wildlife, including insects, mammals, and reptiles.
  5. Habitats: Learn about habitats, like grasslands and forests, and the plants and trees you find there.
  6. Geology: Learn about rocks and land formations, especially cave habitats.
  7. Wetlands: Learn about the importance of wetlands, and the animals and plants that live there.
  8. Weather: Learn about weather: what causes it, how to measure it, and how to forecast it.
  1. Lost and Found(Unakite): Learn how to stay found and what to do if you get lost.
  2. Survival(Sodalite): Learn what you need to survive if you are alone in the woods.
  3. First Aid(Red Agate): Learn to treat wounds and soft tissue injuries outdoors.
  4. 4C's(Quartz crystal): Check the scene, check the person, call for help, then give care.
  5. Disasters(Black and gray agate): Learn what to do for fires, floods and other emergencies.
  6. Heat(Yellow agate): Learn to stay cool, stay hydrated and reduce sun damage.
  7. Cold(Black silkstone): Learn to stay warm and prevent cold illnesses.
  8. Water Safety(Blue sky jasper): Learn to stay safe in and around water. 

Outdoor Safety