Knives and Sharps

Learn to use pocketknives, saws and hatchets safely.

~ Bead: Red Italian onyx ~


  1. Know 4 safety rules for pocketknife use, and what they mean. 
  2. Know what a blood circle is, and how to check your blood circle when using a pocketknife. 
  3. Know what to do if there is an accident with a sharp object. What if you drop your knife?
  4. Know how to inspect your knife before using it, and why it's important.
  5. Know how to safely open, close and pass a pocketknife. 
  6. Know how to cut safely with a pocketknife. 
  7. Know why a sharp knife is safer than a dull knife.
  8. Know how to check your knife for sharpness.
  9. Carve an item from soap.
  10. Sharpen a pencil with a pocketknife. 
  11. Remove the bark from a tree limb with your pocketknife.