1. Know what first aid is. What is the main goal of first aid?
  2. Build a personal first aid kit. Know how to use each item and why you included it.
  3. Show you know when and how to use the shock position and recovery position.
  4. Know the 4 steps to wound care. 
  5. Show you know how to treat a minor wound, including applying an adhesive bandage. 
  6. Know the difference between a dressing and a bandage. 
  7. Know how to apply an ace wrap to an ankle. 
  8. Compare hotspots and blisters, and the most common causes and ways to prevent them. 
  9. Show you know how to treat a hotspot and blister in frontcountry.
  10. Know the signs and treatment of 1st degree burns.

Learn to treat wounds and injuries outdoors.

~ Bead: Red agate ~

First Aid