Insects, spiders and snakes, oh my!

~ Bead: Serpentine ~



  1. Be able to identify at least 4 local game fish by sight.
  2. Learn 4 interesting facts about dragonflies and damselflies. Are they helpful or harmful? 
  3. Know how to identify the 2 most dangerous spiders, and where they usually live. 
  4. Know at least 4 ways to help prevent bug bites.
  5. Know at least 4 ways to keep from getting stung. What should you do if a bee lands on you?
  6. Know 4 ways to avoid tick bites. 
  7. Know how and when to perform a tick check.
  8. Know how to apply insect repellent safely.
  9. Know the difference between an amphibian and a reptile. How are they alike?
  10. Know the difference between a turtle, tortoise and terrapin, and 4 ways to protect them.