1. Know the 4 rules of Outdoor Girls.
  2. Know the Outdoor Girls quiet sign, and what it means.
  3. Know how Outdoor Girls prepare themselves for safety.
  4. Know at least 4 ways to show good manners and respect towards others.
  5. Know why a good attitude is important, and how to keep it. 
  6. Know 4 responsibilities when hiking or camping. 
  7. Know the 4 Outdoor Girls whistle signals.
  8. Perform 4 hours of community service and at least 1 chore at home that you don't normally do.
  9. Know what a flag ceremony is, and how you should act during one.
  10. Know at least one patriotic song.


Learn about Outdoor Girls and ways to honor our country. 

~ Bead: Yellow turquoise ~