There are 4 levels in Outdoor Girls:

  1. Seeker: This level is taught in meetings and activities by leaders and other girls. The symbol for Seeker level is air (bird, dragonfly, cloud). The color is orange.
  2. Tracker: This level is more in-depth, still earned at meetings mostly from adult leaders. The symbol for Tracker is earth (animal, paw print, tree, flower). The color is purple.
  3. Explorer: This level is more about independent learning. The symbol for Explorer is water (fish, dragonfly, amphibian, water drop). The color is blue.
  4. Star: This level is about teaching, advanced skills and adventure. The symbol for Star is fire (4-pointed star or compass star). The color is white.
  • All members, including adults, begin as Seekers.  ​
  • Once a girl has earned 24 Seeker badges, she moves up to Tracker. 24 Tracker badges moves her to Explorer. 24 Explorer badges moves her to Star.
  • The highest honor in Outdoor Girls is the Order of the Star, awarded by earning all 32 badges at all 4 levels, and it can be earned at any age.

We have 4 rules that govern us:

  1. ​Be honest.
  2. Be safe.
  3. Be fair.
  4. Be kind.

How Much Does It Cost

Annual membership fees are $30.00 and are used as follows: 
    $ 10.00    Uniform t-shirt purchased from a local provider.
        3.00    Average cost of insurance through Nationwide.
        7.00    Administrative costs i.e. printing, bandwidth, etc.
      10.00    Meeting supplies and equipment

   $ 30.00​

  • ​Adults and additional family members are only $15.00, to cover a shirt and insurance. This allows more family members to participate.
  • One new shirt is provided each year. Additional/replacement shirts can be purchased for $10.00 each.
  • A badge holder necklace is provided at each new level. A replacement can be purchased for $1.00 if one is lost. The Girl should earn this money herself. 
  • There are no books; all badge requirements are provided. 
  • ​Fundraisers are community events (concession stands, car washes, dances, etc.), not product sales. ​​

How It Works - The Basics

We have 4 goals for girl development:

  1. Become confident by accomplishing.
  2. Become leaders by leading.
  3. Become teachers by teaching.
  4. Become good citizens by serving. 

What does my Outdoor Girl need?

  1. The uniform is a logo t-shirt (provided) and should be worn to meetings.
  2. A simple necklace with a level charm (provided) is used for badges the girls have earned. Girls are awarded stone beads to add to their bracelet as they are earned.
  3. For meetings, hair longer than shoulder length should be up and sneakers are suggested - we do a lot of running and often go on unexpected hikes.
  4. A mess kit and sleeping bag are useful. The mess kit can usually be put together out of kitchen extras - plastic please. Sleeping bags can often be borrowed from family or friends if you don't have one. ​​​